Have A Heart, Inc.

501(c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation - Spay/Neuter Animal Services Network 

Have A Heart, Inc

Non-Profit Organization for the animals in our area.

931-243-6111 for Adoptions and Foster Care along with Spay/Neuter Assistance.

We are in need of Donations which include:
Food - Dry & Canned
Collars - Leashes
Pet Kennels / Crates
Blankets - Beds
Please if you can help make a donation through Paypal [email protected]

Everyone in Clay county agrees that we have a problem with strays. Clay County doesn't have an animal shelter nor an animal control officer. The simple solution to the stray problem would be to have all animals altered. However, many citizens say they  can't afford the costs of getting their pets fixed or the expense of getting to and from the vets office. It breaks everyones heart to see the sad, scared, hungry and homeless dogs and cats about the county, but nobody knew what to do to help.

Have A Heart Inc a 501(c) (3) Non -profit, was created to provide Clay County pet owners with help for the cost of spay/neuter of dogs and cats and transportation to the vets office to have it done. We offer a guardianship program where the owner of the unplanned litter keeps the puppies or kittens until rescue can be found to accept them into their programs. While the animals are waiting for rescue, Have A Heart pays for the needed vetting for the litters.

We are a 501(3)(c) organization non-profit. This means that you can claim your deductions to us on your tax forms. Have A Heart does not receive goverment funds nor any grant funding. What we need to continue to make this possible is help from each member of our community who tells us that they are heartbroken about these dogs & cats that have nowhere to go. 

The problem was not cause by Have A Heart, but the citizenry of this county asked Have A Heart to help. Now it's your turn to help! No donation is too small. There are over 7,000 people in Clay County and if each person gave just a little or helped out one neighbor by "fixing" a pet, in a few years there would no longer be homeless sad critters about. So let's all do our part and get it done! One person did not cause the overpopulation of stray dogs but everyone should be on board to try and fix the problem. As a famous person once said "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem". Let us all work together to end the homeless animal population in Clay County.



DONATIONS: 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE and  accepted thru Paypal or Macon Bank& Trust.

It takes dollars to get the spay/neuters done. We work with all vets to get the best care and price. If you pay for a spay/neuter at a local vet, tell us who it's for and send us the receipt (we will send you a receipt in the same amount for a donation received), we will make the appointment & arraign transportion to the appointment.  This makes an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for someone who is in need.


Sponsor an animal in rescue, starting at $20 per month. Sponsorship can be setup on Auto pay if you would like it to recur every month. Even a one time donation of $20 can make a huge difference. 

We need animal related items, food, collars, leashes, bowls, wormer, flea control products as well as blankets rugs, old towels, cleaning supplies. Clean out your closets and cupboards and donate the items to Have A Heart to help an animal.


Foster homes needed for the guardianship program.

Sometimes a person can't keep the litters safely until we can find a rescue. At that point we need to get the animals safely into a foster situation.  

We are looking for good people to foster animals, keeping them safe and healthy while we find them homes. We need folks who will spend time teaching the animal manners as well as giving tender love and care This prevents the animals from living in a cage while waiting.

Being a FOSTER parent is a very important part of our organization.



Check our website to see the current animals up for adoption, contact us if you have litters who need homes. Please call us before you set them out. Coyotes love puppies! To EAT!!


TRANSPORT - It isn't easy wrangling 20 animals at once. Have A Heart needs volunteers that can commit to helping load & unload the animals scheduled for spay/neuter. 


Join our monthly transport, get folks to sign up and we will transport the animals to and from vets office. Assistance is available to those who qualify. Monthly specials available.

 A minimum of 20 animals is required. Help a neighbor spay a pet, and everyone wins! There is a $5.00 service fee per animal required to cover diesel costs.



 For more info please call: Renee' at 931 243 6111